Students should not hesitate to help their friends


Date & time May 12 '20
Creator Helen Woods

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Helping out friends is indeed one of the basic requirements of friendship. This is why it is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. So, the next time if a friend asks you, “Kindly, help me to write my essay for me”, do not hesitate to contribute some time and energy into it.


Remember, the more you help others, the better relations you will end up having with them. Furthermore, students who help out others often easily find help for themselves whenever they need one. It is not uncommon for favors to flow this way, back and forth in a college. This is why they say that having good relations with people in college is highly important. Many students do not help their friends out because they consider it a waste of time. Some students do not even teach relevant concepts to their classmates due to the fear of getting the competition increased in a relative grading system. It takes enough courage and honesty, to let others get up to your level by helping them out.


Those who help their friends out with academic concepts, usually end up clearing their own concepts further. This allows them to go through a mental revision while doing a good deed all along.


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