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Chris Berman has taken his Swami Sez NFL picks segment, seen on SportsCenter, to ESPN Chalk. Cheap Swingman Blazers Jerseys . Each week during the NFL regular season, hell give his favorite picks against the spread here with a little further analysis.Season record: 31-15 ATS?Dallas Cowboys at Pittsburgh SteelersBen Roethlisberger looked as if he started to knock the rust off in the fourth quarter last week against Baltimore. Dallas has been rolling and has given up only 20-plus points in one game since mid-September. But theyre due for an average performance sometime, arent they? This is one of two home games for Pittsburgh in an eight-week stretch. The Steelers need this one, and they get it.Score: Pittsburgh 24, Dallas 20Seattle Seahawks at New England PatriotsThis has all the makings of a bad matchup for Seattle, coming off a short week and with a red-hot New England team off a bye. But the Seahawks are a veteran squad with a proud defensive unit that knows what its getting itself into here. The Patriots cant wrap up home-field advantage in the playoffs yet, can they? I think they get tripped up here, as Seattle wins it in an upset.Score: Seattle 24, New England 23Kansas City Chiefs at Carolina PanthersKansas City has really played only one complete game (Week 6 at Oakland) this season and the Chiefs dominated. This seems like a similar situation against a Carolina team that has strung together two wins. Im not concerned about Alex Smith off his one-game absence, and the Panthers werent able to score much against Los Angeles. I think the Kansas City defense does enough here to get them the win.Score: Kansas City 20, Carolina 18Atlanta Falcons at Philadelphia EaglesAtlanta is a contender, but this is the only home game Philadelphia gets in a month. With a young QB in Carson Wentz, thats a bigger advantage than for other teams. I dont think they can match the Falcons in a shootout, but this Eagles defense is good enough that it wont get to that point.Score: Philadelphia 31, Atlanta 28Miami Dolphins at San Diego ChargersThe Chargers didnt get the stadium vote, but they still have Philip Rivers. This team is playing well and, at 4-5, has a chance to get back to .500 with a bye on deck. That would be an impressive accomplishment with the tough losses San Diego has suffered so far. This will a fun game to watch with Melvin Gordon and Jay Ajayi both looking to put on a show. San Diego gets the win here, with Rivers becoming the ninth QB to pass for 300 touchdowns (hes at 298 right now).Score: San Diego 30, Miami 24 Cheap Portland Trail Blazers Jerseys . 10 Texas A&Ms offence dominated as usual against SMU. Cheap Blazers Jerseys China .R. Smith realized how easily basketball can be taken from him, and he wasnt going to take his place in the NBA for granted anymore. . How great will be revealed in the next couple of days at the board of governors meeting in Pebble Beach, Calif. It has been two weeks since WWE kicked off its self-proclaimed new era with a brand split and a draft, changes that produced a red-hot run of shows on Raw.But the WWEs flagship program came back down to earth Monday night in a big way.If the fading of the new-car smell seems quick, it shouldnt, as the timing fits in with WWEs recent history. Week 3 of the four-week structure between pay-per-view events has typically been the weakest, with the more explosive moments saved for the go-home show. Its something that bodes well for next week, just days before SummerSlam invades New York City.But the bar had been set high in previous weeks with new pushes, fresh booking and a heavy splash of much-needed PG-13 dialogue and intensity, all of which were mostly missing Monday (with the exception of some well-played jokes at the expense of Big Es injury below the belt).In its place was a noticeable void of top stars being used in prominent spots and a predictable finish to a main event match --?Rusev?vs.?Cesaro?for the WWE United States title -- that didnt start until 11 p.m. ET and had?been?hastily thrown together moments earlier.If the WWE had hopes of building two separate brands that are independent of and in competition with each other, the cheap pop from SmackDown Lives Daniel Bryan invading the final segment of Raw felt gratuitous. Cross-pollinating with run-ins from?Brock Lesnar?and?Randy Orton?is one thing and an extreme case unto itself; this one, however, was forced.But all was not lost Monday as WWE did a good job, mostly in subtle ways, of keeping the storyline moving within the major feuds. The attention to detail remained high, proving to be a good step forward from the old method of killing time with unnecessary rematches. Its something we are likely to see less of after the brand extension because of how valuable each second of real estate has become.Credit?Seth Rollins?(in-ring) and?Finn Balor?(pretaped) for strong promos to keep interest high ahead of their inaugural WWE Universal title match, even if the decision not to showcase Balor in a match on Monday felt like?a?mistake.Rollins did a nice job of teasing the fear inside of him (remember, every great heel needs a weakness or he or she wouldnt have chosen that path) over Balors hidden persona, with references to Balors last name translating to demon king in Irish mythology. Balor, meanwhile, showed hints at a possible heel turn down the road (Balor Club, anyone?) by teasing a creepier and more sinister edge. WWE doesnt usually take that much time explaining the origin of a character, but for anyone who doesnt watch NXT and will be seeing Balors face paint and unique entrance at SummerSlam for the first time, it made sense.The WWE also officially announced three more bouts for the Aug. 21 SummerSlam card in Brooklyn:?Enzo & Cass?vs.?Chris Jericho?and?Kevin Owens?in a tag team match; Rusev vs.?Roman Reigns?for Rusevs United States?championship;?and?The New Day?vs.?The Club?for the WWE tag team championships.Hits and missesA match as star-studded as Lesnar-Orton doesnt need much of a proper build to garner buzz, especially with Orton returning from injury and Lesnar fresh off the bad press of a UFC doping violation. But WWE has done well?to build this the old-fashioned way and?not?cut corners. Mondays prepackaged video?promo showcasing their history was full of trash talk, the perfect complement to each superstar trading finishing moves last week.Sasha Banks victory over?Dana Brooke?added a stipulation to Banks WWE womens championship rematch with Charlotte at SummerSlam, banning Brooke from ringside. Banks-Charlotte?is the rivalry WWE fans have clamored for since day one of last years so-called Divas Revolution (now Womens Revolution). Removing the chance of a schmoz?finish should allow two of the companys best workers to better shine.With the brand split producing a shortage of tag teams on each show, Im all for WWE getting creative in matching Jericho and Oweens as tag team foils at SummerSlam for?Enzo Amore?and?Big Cass. Wholesale Blazers Jerseys. All?four?superstars can talk and the two heels are strong enough workers to help Enzo and Cass get the extra shine and seasoning they still need in the ring.Big Cass wisecrack against Jericho and Owens (referencing Bert and Ernie of Sesame Street) came off as crass, considering the potentially homophobic undertones. Although adding some spice to the dialogue is mostly welcome in this PG era, this was an uncalled-for turn.It was a piece of cake for @WWERomanReigns to wreck @RusevBUL and @LanaWWEs post-wedding celebration. #RAW WWE (@WWE) August 9, 2016Reigns was strong in the Rusev-Lana segment, receiving huge pops on his way in and out of the ring as WWE stubbornly stays the course of keeping him babyface. Reigns twice telling Rusev to put that beef away as he took off his vest was an honorable mention for line of the night.Raw announcer Corey Graves referred to?Braun Strowman?as a walking abomination during the former Wyatt Family members third straight squash match. As far as on-the-fly descriptors are concerned, that was?perfect.Part of why?Titus ONeils?subtle heel turn against?Darren Young?is working so well is hes taking an already physical style and adding viciousness. This is the right direction.It was good to see WWE continue a trend that any formal event that takes place inside the ring needs to end in all-out craziness. Rusev and?Lanas?wedding segment was poorly written and went on way too?long, but the payoff of Lana going face-first into the cake was enough to cover all sins (even if seeing her covered in red frosting brought eerie flashbacks of the 1976 thriller Carrie).Ive never been one for forced celebrity skits on WWE television, but considering the amount of promotion for Sean Puff Daddy Combs guest spot on Raw, his brief appearance was underwhelming. Considering he had good chemistry with The New Day and Mick Foley, and his off-color joke on?Big Es?injury worked (complete with Foleys response of You cant say that on TV), I would have liked to see?more.Move of the nightNeville?made his second appearance on Raw since missing four months with a fractured ankle. He looked great teaming with?Sin Cara?(newly clad in all black) against The?Dudley Boyz. While Nevilles incredible finisher, the?Red?Arrow, had become an overused party favor ever since his call-up from NXT, nothing quite does it full justice like seeing it in a slow-motion replay. The one he landed Monday against?D-Von Dudley?was a thing of?beauty.Line of the nightIf you forget, Ive been doing this since I was 5 years old. Im like a f---ing robot. I train, I eat and I s--- f---ing opponents. Thats what I do for a living. - Lesnar, during a pretaped video promo hyping his SummerSlam bout against Orton.Campbells criticismThe use of?Cesaro?in two separate matches Monday, only to see him sent deeper into a feud with?Sheamus?that no one cares about, was particularly disappointing. Had Cesaro, an underused and forgotten player beloved?by?smart fans, surprised Rusev by winning the U.S. title in the main event, setting up an out-of-nowhere triple threat at SummerSlam, it would have accomplished three things. First, the upset win would have saved last nights largely forgettable show. Second, it would have justified the storyline push of using Cesaro twice in one night. Finally, the shotgun booking would have furthered the idea that anything can happen in this must-see new era of Raw and SmackDown. Falling back on a predictable finish, using the tease of a stipulation to hold interest in an otherwise unnecessary and poorly executed main event, instead added to the belief that Cesaro is an afterthought in the eyes of the WWE, particularly on Raw, and a superstar who could be much better off with some kind of trade to SmackDown. Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys From China Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic Wholesale Jerseys China Cheap NFL Jerseys China NFL Cheap Jerseys ' ' '