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Rather than staying in Cannes, to be close to the festival site, many actors and big players in the film industry cartier love bracelet men choose to stay in a luxury villa in Mougins.

You do not have to be a movie star to stay in a Mougins villa. Renting a villa in Mougins does not cost as much as you might think (have you looked into it?). If you want to hobnob with the movie stars on your holiday on the Cote D'Azur, book a villa in Mougins on the French Riviera just in time for the Cannes Film Festival, and you will get to rub shoulders with the luminaries of the silver screen.

However, if you want to experience the movie star life for your vacation without the chaos that accompanies film festivals, you can still book your stay at a luxury villa in Mougin during the off peak season.

Why Choose a Holiday in Mougins?

You may be asking yourself, "Why rent a villa in Mougins?"

Even when it is not the time for the Cannes Film Festival, Mougins is a beautiful village worthy of a visit in itself. cartier love bracelet cheap Established by the Monks of St. Honorat in the 15th century, Mougins is a charming, medieval town. It is built on the hilltops of the South of France, with narrow alleyways paved with cobblestones meandering through the village. The vistas alone that you will get to see in Mougins from a room in a villa are real vacation treats.

Many people choose to stay in Mougins rather than in nearby Cannes or Nice. That is because the village is relatively free from the over development and the commercialism that are sadly rampant in those two other destinations on the Cote d'Azur.

For those who think that Mougins is just a lazy, quiet town that offers no other excitement aside from the chance of being able to stay in a luxury villa, they are very much mistaken. Mougins, for one, is the home to over 40 world class restaurants whose cuisine is famous throughout the world.

Photography enthusiasts would be able to enjoy the works of Cartier Bresson, Robert Doisneau and Lartique in Mougins' Museum of Photography. Automobile enthusiasts, on the other hand, will get their fix from the Musee de l'Automobile, the home of a large collection of classic cars and sports cars, especially Ferraris and Bugattis. For golf lovers, there are a number of beautiful and challenging golf courses around the village. Also, the beach is just a short drive away.

Why Rent a Luxury Villa in Mougins

As mentioned above, movie stars rent luxury villas for their stay in Mougins during the Cannes Film Festival. Obviously, in staying at a luxury villa for your holiday in Mougins, not only will you be surrounded by beautiful things that you probably would not find at home, but you will also be treated to a high level of comfort that is so desirable during a vacation.

Not only that, your staying at a villa in Mougins can offer you a higher level of privacy and security than reserving a room at a hotel. It can also be more fake cartier bracelet economical to rent a villa if you are going with a group on your holiday in Mougins.




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    movie stars rent luxury
    Rather than staying in Cannes, to be close to the festival site, many actors and big players in the film industry cartier love bracelet men choos...
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