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Fear of high temperature 'burst table' heat car safety...

Fear of high temperature 'burst table' heat car safety Raiders Although finally ushered in the rain, but I believe that little partners like me, and did not feel cool. I am also very responsible to tell you that summer has not yet ended air conditioning and ice cream or essential goods air max one flyknit. Not long ago throughout the country exaggerated high temperature, so that spontaneous combustion of vehicles, some of the reasons for the vehicle itself, but also the owner usually do not pay attention to their results. Hot weather makes people feel impatient, you small partners not only to maintain a good attitude air max flyknit shoes, but also pay attention to heatstroke, but also pay attention to the use of vehicles in the hot summer safety issues nike air max 2017. Before the beginning of the article, I deliberately go to the Chinese weather official website, look at the recent weather conditions, although there is a brief decline in temperature of the rain, but after a rainy season, ushered in will be 30 + hot weather. So, how to avoid the vehicle spontaneous combustion, puncture and other things happen, but also the owners have to pay attention. Today, I give you sum up, on the hot weather to the vehicle to bring 'harm', hope that small partners must try to avoid. Causes and treatment of vehicle spontaneous combustion High temperature weather Car precautions It is possible to discover the hidden dangers of the vehicle as early as possible and to solve it in time. Life, there are many owners of the vehicle does not care, do not conservation, after the problem that the vehicle is not good, in fact cheap nike shoes, the vehicle is a tool, the tool will be bad mens nike free shoes, only we usually care, tools will be more effort, live.