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The woman was stolen burglary was closed for 1 year ...

The woman was stolen burglary was closed for 1 year and 8 months before the prosecution withdrawal After the two public hearings have no results cheap nike air max, the suspect out of the detention center, but still being monitored live. □ reporter Han Jingwei intern Shao Wanyun text reporter Hong Bo photography core tips a $ 8200 'theft' in Kaifeng is not a big case, but because of the lack of evidence, resulting in the case several trials failed. Police believe that the case of evidence, the suspects constitute a theft; and the defendant said the case loopholes, is man-made 'injustice'. After two public hearings, at 9:30 on November 18, Kaifeng Longting District Court decided to publicly pronounce the case, but two hours later, the public prosecution department suddenly decided to withdraw the defendant Wang Juan (a pseudonym) prosecution. At this time, the king has been limited to freedom for one year and eight months. After three days, the landlord called lost 8200 yuan 38-year-old Wang Juan is a Kaifeng a community workers, his spare time in the sister of the housing business intermediary, when the second-hand housing trading brokers. Liu Hui (a pseudonym) is a university professor. Liu in Kaifeng has a house, in the king's house intermediary registration, intends to sell. March 15, 2013, a couple through the intermediary, fancy Liu's house. That night around 6:30, Wang and Liu about a good time after the show, led the couple to Liu showings. In the meantime, Liu has been in the living room to call, Wang Juan and the couple in the room showings. More than 20 minutes later, several people have seen the room after the departure. But until March 17 at 11 am, Liu said she placed 8200 yuan in the bathroom floor, no money. She for the decoration of the house, March 9 from the relatives took 40,000 yuan of money, installed in a plastic bag, on the bathroom. She had to withdraw 10,000 yuan, from which to take 1,800 yuan, the remaining 8200 yuan thrown in the bathroom floor. Liu said: Wang Juan, who left, some people have seen the room, but this is an acquaintance, will not take the money. Liu suspected Wang Juan took the money. Dispute no less than both sides reported that a grasp of a thief to prove white Liu Hui and Wang Juan contact, Wang denied that money, let the police, and find two showers, want to clarify the matter. March 17 at 5 pm, showings came to the king where the housing intermediary. In the meantime, Liu also brought a man arrived cheap nike running shoes, saying that the man is his nephew (later confirmed that the man is handling the police), the original about 4 pm the same day, Liu has been to Kaifeng Public Security Bureau Liuyuankou Branch report nike trainer shoes, reflecting the money lost, The council immediately on file and assigned three investigators to find Wang Juan evidence. Wang Juan alarm to prove white, 110 police arrived, from the door car down two police handling the case, to 110 police to explain the situation. 5:17 pm, the police handling the case will Wang Juan suspects to the branch, the next day at 11 o'clock, that is, to the theft of the king to do the detention procedures. On April 2, 2013, Wang was arrested for alleged theft. The first trial due to lack of evidence, sustained 9 hours a twists and turns twice the public trial no results, the suspect was arrested after the day of trial, the court did not pronounce the case. But in the court a month later, the case back to the prosecution to supplement the investigation. After the supplementary investigation, on June 12 this year, Wang Juan once again stood in the dock, the court again to the trial live broadcast, the public trial of the case, and invited the public, seized, law and NPC deputies and CPPCC members to attend. The trial, the police were found in the detention center of the two female suspects and a police officer issued by the three transcripts evidence to prove that Wang Juan had said in the detention center to steal money. But the king's defenders believe that three evidences are loopholes, simply can not prove the fact that Wang theft. One is the two female friends are minors, asked minors to be relatives; the second was detainees in Kaifeng, but asked the two actually in Xinzheng; three is the king did not know two, while the two Testify the process, also known as Wang denied money. The second trial, continued for eight hours. After the trial, the court has not yet made a judgment on the case. August 21 this year, the prosecution department once again need to supplement the investigation grounds, apply for an extension of the case. 'A simple theft, heard for more than a year, still no results.' The defendant's family objected. On August 21 the same day, the court finally decided: the suspect Wang Juan to take measures to monitor residential. On that day, the court informed the royal family to do the relevant procedures, Wang Juan reluctantly out of the detention center nike running shoes. No matter after the case, the case by 2 replenishment investigation, 3 times to extend the review of the prosecution period, on November 30 last year, the prosecution department eventually to theft, Wang Juan prosecution. March 18 this year, Kaifeng Longting District Court in the hospital on the 2nd live room, to trial live by public hearing the case. But this is not complicated by the theft, because of insufficient evidence, the trial continued for 9 hours. Wang Juan is in court to deny the charges, said in front of the owner of the face, police handling the case to lure it: as long as the recognition, the money returned to the owner can go home. In the meantime, the newspaper also went to the interrogation room to persuade her, said his brother is a bureau chief, as long as the recognition of stealing money, the money back to her, will not pursue the matter. Wang Juan said that in the case of torture can not bear, and ultimately forced to take money. Wang's defender also believes that the case flaw too much. In addition to the suspects 3 guilty confession, no other evidence confirmed. And the two together with the king of the couple nike air max shoes, also proved that Wang did not see the implementation of theft. Files show that the police handling the case has not yet received the case of the main report, the investigators will summon the king to the interrogation room with handcuffs interrogation, and even let the intervention in the trial, there are forced to confess. Wang's defender believes that the case of 'crime facts' does not exist, is the handling of police violations of the proceedings, through threats, intimidation, deception and other means, forcing inducement caused by injustice, wrong case. Ask the court to declare the defendant innocent. Imprisoned 1 year and 8 months later, sentenced to prosecute the day prosecution Wang Juan Jian said he was wronged. According to Wang family said: just one month before the incident, Wang had picked up 2,000 yuan on the road, and the idea to find the owner, the owner returned to her to send a pennant. Such a person, how could steal money. A judge familiar with the case said the case is indeed too many flaws, according to the existing evidence, simply can not condemn the suspects. In accordance with the new criminal law suspects from the principle, Wang Juan should be acquitted. But this case will not be satisfied with the case, the best result is that the prosecution departments take the initiative to withdraw the case. Court two trial, have taken the trial live mode, the purpose is to avoid injustice wrong case. Due to lack of evidence, after two trials, the court is still difficult to judge. November 12 this year, the judge informed Wang Juan family, let the next day to the court to discuss how the case to solve the problem. November 13 afternoon, the judge said: after the court study, the case will be pronounced directly. November 14, the court issued a notice to the family members said: November 18 at 9:30, the court will openly pronounced the case. According to the court's notice, on the 18th, the royal family came to court early trial court 2 trial court, waiting for the verdict. But at 9:30, the court did not hold the court as scheduled. Until 11:30, the judge suddenly appeared to Wang Juan family a criminal ruling that this is the result. According to the ruling shows: Wang suspected of theft, on December 9, 2013 was prosecuted, the court accepted, in the course of the proceedings, the prosecution department to facts, evidence changes on the grounds of the request to withdraw the prosecution. The court held that, before the verdict, the prosecution department withdrew the prosecution, in line with the law. The final ruling, to allow the prosecution department to withdraw the prosecution. In this regard, the king's defender speculated that the court sentenced the views should be innocent, the prosecution department under pressure to withdraw. The results of the results of the Wang family accident: 'guilty of the sentence, the innocence of the release of a $ 8200 theft, a person who is 8 months of personal freedom, still no results.' Wang's family will appeal The